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Who to watch – The Youth Driving the world of electronic arts

The world is abundant with people enjoying, creating and earning revenue from electronics and electronic arts. It’s no surprise with this that the youth have caught on. Many young people, particularly from Ireland, are mastering electronics and gaining a reputation the world over. Here are some of the young Irish people who are making today’s electronics their own. 

  1. Josh Juliano

Irish Seventeen-year-old Josh Juliano placed 58th in the Fortnite World Cup in New York in 2019 and earned a tidy 50,000 dollars for himself. The Irish Teenager was amongst the 100 who qualified for the final. Juliano alongside his competitors are examples of the ever-growing possibilities of gaming as a profession and an art. This year the prize fund for the competition was at it’s highest at a total prize pool of 3 million dollars. Makes us wonder –  should we all be taking lessons from guys like Josh? 

 2.  Adam Kelly 

The annual BT Young Scientist competition is held each January and showcases the scientific talents held by young people across the country. Entries often delve into the world of electronics – in 2017, 19-year-old Shane Curran won the competition with his impressive data storage project Qcrypt and in 2010 Patrick Collison won with his payment app Stripe that went on to woo Silicon Valley stakeholders. 

This years winner, Adam Kelly could be following in their footsteps after winning with his incredible project on quantum computers. His idea that merges complex science ideas and electronics has elevated him to fame across Europe as he took home the top prize at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists in September. At the humble age of seventeen, developing such a progressive idea in the world of science and computers can only mean incredible things for the future.

3. EMA

Irish born, Berlin-based DJ EMA is becoming increasingly popular in the electronic music sphere. Her recent Boiler Room set from Pygmalion, Dublin was incredibly received and she is continuously rising to the top of the scene sharing her time between Berlin and Ireland. Her selections are fresh, varied and attention-grabbing and we definitely view her as one to watch in the world of electronic music.  

4. Sam McGrath

A name that has been propelled in the last year is Sam McGrath, the creative filmmaker from Dublin who became well known in the Irish film sphere after creating music videos for renowned hip-hop star Kojaque and popular Irish band Le Galaxie. Mcgrath clearly has a unique eye and a skill that perfectly combines exceptional ideas with film and sound. McGrath is regularly written and spoken about in Irish media and there is no doubt that his reputation will only strengthen as he releases further signature projects over time. A graduate of BESS in Trinity, McGrath found himself unsatisfied by the prospect of following a similar career path and so moved to London to study film. 

This change of heart lead him to perfecting an exceptional filmmaking skill and adding a recognisable string to the bow of the electronic arts in Ireland. 

5. Sean William McLoughlin

With over 23 million subscribers, Sean is Ireland’s most successful Youtuber and worth over 2million euro. His Youtube channel JacksSepticEye, generates hundreds of thousands of views and covers topics from gaming to comedy, animation and more. McLoughlin began Youtubing in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength ever since and continues to release videos daily. 

Written By: Aisling Loughlin