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Why Limerick?


LEAF will welcome over 20,000 participants to Limerick City over the duration of the festival. The city was chosen because it has always been a major hub for electronics and the world of electronic arts. Since the 1970s, Limerick has been home to multinational companies; Dell Computers, Atari Games and Wang Laboratories.

In 2018, an article by Silicon Republic referred to Limerick as ‘one of the most vibrant and innovative cities in the midwest.’ Companies like Uber, Regeneneron, Deloitte, Kemp Technologies and more have spurted-up, offering many jobs in the electronic arts sector across the city.

Limerick is becoming increasingly renowned as a hub for entertainment, particularly in the realm of hip-hop music, an art form with which electronic arts is a predominant feature. Innovative rappers such as the PX Crew bring a new lease of life to the national hip-hop scene, creating a sound that is original and native.

Limerick is evolving into a more vibrant and attractive city for visitors and emigrants. It’s strong connection to Electronic Arts, size and infrastructure are helping it quickly rival national and international cities for its connections to technology. Limerick Electronic Arts Festival is here to celebrate and extend what Limerick is bringing to electronic music, innovation and talent.

LEAF Venues


LEAF have transformed some of the city’s most iconic, industrial venues to host world renowned electronic artists, speakers and workshops. The old Cleeve’s Factory situated on O’Callaghan Strand has been in industrial use since its construction in the mid-nineteenth century, but has long lain forgotten since its closure. We’re excited to transform this space into a unique festival hub over the four days.

Cleeves Location

LCFE Location