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LEAF – Why Limerick?

Limerick Electronic Arts Festival is the first of its kind in the city. We’re thrilled to bring such a diverse display of conferences, performances, workshops and discussions to Limerick in 2020. 

But a question on many peoples is lips – Why Limerick?

Well, there is a definitive reason for why Limerick has been chosen as the city to hold this vibrant forward-thinking festival – Limerick is and has always been a major hub for electronics and the world of electronic arts. 

If we look back as far as the 1970s when the birth of electronics first came about, Limerick became the home for multinational companies Dell Computers, Atari Games and Wang Laboratories. However, with two major Irish economic crashes, came the closure of these businesses. These were businesses that once gave Limerick a front-running name as a tech hub. Limerick quickly lost its golden reputation and people looked further afield for employment and opportunities moving out of the city. 

However, things were not to stay like that forever. Over the past few years, Limerick has built itself back up and is fast regaining its status as an exciting hub for the electronic world. In 2018 an article by Silicon Republic referred to Limerick as ‘one of the most vibrant and innovative cities in the midwest.’ 

Companies such as worldwide car service app Uber, Medical Services firm Regeneneron, ‘Big Four’ professional services network Deloitte, Kemp Technologies and much more have spurted up offering many jobs in the electronic arts sector across the city. 

It does, of course, go further than just the business sector. Limerick is becoming increasingly renowned as a hub for entertainment particularly in the realm of hip hop music an art form with which electronic arts is a predominant feature. 

Innovative rappers such as the PX Crew bring a new lease of life to the Limerick scene creating a sound that is original and native. Limerick talent gives hip-hop and electronic music a thrilling new face. 

Limerick is growing and becoming a more vibrant and attractive city for visitors and emigrants from far and wide. It’s strong connection to Electronic Arts, size and infrastructure are allowing it to fast become a city rivalling national and international cities for it’s connections to technology.

Limerick Electronic Arts Festival is here to celebrate and extend what Limerick is and is becoming by bringing electronic talent and specialists to the best city for the festival in 2020. 

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Written By: Aisling Loughlin